LPI Inc., part of the Plank Enterprises, Inc. Family of companies, located in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, has been designing, fabricating and installing personnel lift systems for over 25 years. LPI offers both standard and custom lift systems and work platforms, designed for use in a wide variety of industrial and commercial applications. LPI’s history in the paint finishing industry has led to the development of many products that can be used in hazardous environments such as paint application.

In addition LPI’s experience with manufacturing processes has led to the development of lift systems for assembly, welding, inspection, and fall protection. LPI’s lifts are used in applications ranging from welding, blasting and painting of rail cars, to clean room lifts for NASA. Other major industries that utilize LPI lifts include construction and agriculture equipment manufacturers, aircraft and aerospace manufacturers, transit authorities and the manufacturers of buses and light rail vehicles. If there is a need to ergonomically position a worker so that they can safely perform their work, LPI has a lifting solution to assist.

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